As the flue works

As the flue works

No owner-occupied dwelling can be imagined without smoke pipe on roof, even in houses with long-distance heating install as alternative source of heat boilers, so, and flues.


1. The flue is necessary when using of solid fuel stoves and when using gas boilers. The main objective of flues is removal of carbon monoxide and products of disintegration of the used fuel at its combustion and also creation of the possibility of burning of fuel in furnace fire chamber. So the quality of work of heating in your house, and this heat and cosiness will depend on the correct construction of flue.

2. The principle of work of flue is based on physical processes. The school course of physics says: warm air always easier cold and therefore rises to top. At removal of chimney pipe at the rooftop the difference in pressure due to temperature drop in the furnace or gas boiler is created, hot air from the remains of products of burning of fuel begins to rise to top.

3. At the same time it is necessary that air, but not from above, and from below too came to the furnace or the boiler. It is necessary for improvement of draft as warm air is extended outside, and other (cold) has to come to the furnace in order that the vacuum was not created.

4. All flues conditionally divide into wall, radical and mounted. Wall word are walled in wall and are its part, usually mount them in corner of load-carrying structure, at the same time doing two inputs: on roof and in the subfield.

5. Radical put at the furnace and face brick. It is possible to meet such designs not often today, they are seldom esthetic and take a lot of place. The most popular and simple – mounted flues can not only be mounted at stage of construction of the house, but also after all communications are already laid.

6. Correctly calculated flue leads to economic use of fuel as it burns down not quickly, and current of certain time. During the normal work of flue warmly which turns out in the course of burning, remains indoors. Therefore when calculating flue it is necessary to pay attention to diameter of exhaust chimney pipe which has to be not less than 1/10 from the entrance area of opening of fire chamber. It is better to calculate diameter of flue according to special tables which can be found on the specialized websites.

7. Not less importance needs to be attached also to height of chimney pipe on roof as at its installation it will be close to roof ridge bad draft, because of its closing with roof elements. The chimney pipe has to act from the upper edge of roof ridge not less than on 0.7 - 1.2 meters. It is necessary in order that the furnace was not blown by the air reflected and twisted in vortex stream from roof surface.

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