As to place everything in kitchen garden: we plant vegetables, bushes and trees

As to place everything in kitchen garden: we plant vegetables, bushes and trees

That on the site bushes, fruit-trees and vegetables well felt, it is necessary to plan competently it and to rationally use each meter of the earth. The garden kitchen garden demands laborious planning.

Planning of the site

To use all advantages and to neutralize estate shortcomings, it is necessary to make its general plan: for constructions give 10%, for paths and decorative landings of 12−14%, the remained 76−78% are taken away under cultural plants and kitchen garden. At design consider location of the site concerning parts of the world.

Trees and bushes should be grouped in different places that high plants did not shade undersized. Land vegetables and wild strawberry on South side, apple-trees will comfortably feel on North side of the site, far away from the house, in the middle allocate the space for berry bushes.

The condensed landings

Near fence it is possible to land raspberry, gooseberry, currant, they fructify also in shadow. It is impossible to plant raspberry and gooseberry near black and red currant. Plant dwarfish apple-trees and pears and creeping cultures according to the thickened scheme. Trees transplant at distance 2−3 meters from each other. At such landing of plant it is necessary to feed up and water well, then between roots there will be no fight for food and water.

In shadow of trees plant greens: − Welsh onion; − fennel; − parsley; − caraway seeds; − mint. Other cultures under kroner will not grow, and greens grow juicy, gentle. Plant cilantro near currant bushes, its smell frightens off web tick. Place strawberry beds near vegetable that there was possibility of updating of plantings. The good neighbor for them – garlic. From such bushes as chokeberry, honeysuckle, barberry the beautiful green hedge will turn out, having put these cultures on site border, you will save space. Under kitchen garden apply the condensed crops of vegetables to productive use of the area. The late white cabbage can be grown up with garden radish, early grades of cauliflower, spinach. Beet, carrots, celery, parsley will be useful sealants for cucumbers. In row-spacings of potatoes it is possible to grow up haricot. Put different types of salad, mangold, violet basil near the house – from them decorative beds which will become decoration of the estate will turn out. Pumpkins and bush pumpkins will become decoration of fence, along paths as border the sorrel, wild strawberry without mustache, chervil, parsley curly will originally look лук−шалот. Approach planning of the site creatively, with imagination, depart from stereotypes and the place will be enough for all – vegetables, fruit-trees, bushes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team