At windows – what plants to choose flower beds

At windows – what plants to choose flower beds

Flowers are outside the window capable to decorate any house or the apartment, but plants for flower bed always need to be chosen correctly that they were not only beautiful, but also unpretentious.


The petunia is considered the most successful flower for the container located outside the window. It is beautiful, it is simple to look after it and in general the plant is unpretentious. It is necessary to give preference to cascade petunias as their escapes upright, but not hanging down. Besides the cascade petunia is always covered set of flowers.


These flowers are capable to become decoration of any flower bed. On the solar place the pansies will please with large and bright flowers. They can grow in half-shade too, but on it it will be required to time longer, and flowers will not differ in the big sizes. As for leaving, pansies need regular and abundant watering.


The geranium needs to be stirred from East or West side of the building. If to plant this plant on South side, it will begin to burn out and wither. At the correct leaving the geranium will please with powerful leaves and stalks with large inflorescences.


This perennial plant demands from the owners only one – bright lighting. In shadow ageratum it is extended, foliage thins, inflorescences become ordinary-looking.


The lobelia pleases gardeners with rich color gamma, she well transfers rain and wind. This plant can be prishchipyvat and cut if necessary, without being afraid to do much harm it.


This plant attracts with flowers of bright orange color. Chernobrivtsa (or marigold) can get on with other plants that allows to create various compositions in container. Undersized grades of marigold best of all will be suitable for flower bed outside the window.


If it is correct to look after nasturtium, it is capable to reward blossoming in 1.5 months after emergence of shoots. The nasturtium magnificently and that blossoming continued as long as possible blossoms, deflowered flowers are regularly recommended to be deleted.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team