Autumn preparation of garden trees for winter

Autumn preparation of garden trees for winter

At the end of summer season it is very important to take care of trees and to provide them power supply. The harvest next year depends on rewintering.

It is possible to begin autumn preparation of trees for winter already since the end of August. The fruit and leaves dumped by trees need to be removed. Inspect bark and krone. The dried-up branches should be cut off, from trunk to remove outgrowths, mold and moss. To grease the damaged cuts with the garden thief. It is desirable to carry out spraying of garden by the disinfecting solution (for example, copper vitriol). It will save from fungal infections.

Whitewashing of trunks which is carried out surely to dry weather will help to protect trees from the wintering wreckers. Do not forget about protection against rodents. They can do irreparable harm to garden.

Trees should not leave to winter dried. And, if the fall was dry and warm, then they should be watered well.

During the summer the soil is exhausted and it needs fertilizing. After harvesting it is possible to apply compost, manure, humus, ashes, mineral mixes. Nitrogen is not suitable for autumn fertilizer. Plants can give green escapes before cold weather, and it is not necessary at all. If you are afraid to be mistaken, buy ready fertilizing with mark "Autumn fertilizer".

Phosphorus is necessary for trees and bushes. It promotes growth of roots and provides good fructification. Potassium will help to resist to diseases and bad weather patterns. It is in wood ashes, but also it still contains useful microelements. And still such diet ruins larvae of the insects wintering in the soil.

For apricots and sweet cherry it is ideal monokaliyfosfat. It will provide them safe wintering and will not allow to die from frost.

Inexpensive option of fertilizing – chloride potassium in granules. Plants well acquire it, but you should not use it often, it can collect in the soil. Very well chloride potassium is transferred by apple-trees and pears. For other trees it is possible to use potassium sulfate. Around pristvolny circle it is necessary to make trench of 15-20 cm in depth, to fill up 150-200 g of fertilizer and to cover with the soil.

Kalimagneziya – too quite good option. It needs to be dissolved in water in the proportion specified on packing.

Double superphosphate – rather popular fertilizing. It is also dug in on perimeter of pristvolny circle. Fertilizer can be prepared and independently. On 1 sq.m it is required: 5 kg of humus, 50 g of superphosphate, 30 g of chloride of potassium. To mix everything, to put in poles, to cover with earth and to water. Consider that young trees of fertilizing need twice less and it is desirable to cover them. It will save not only from frosts, but also from wind and freezing.

September-October – ideal time for change of trees, weather still rather warm and they will manage to take root.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team