Basic rules of summer make-up

Basic rules of summer make-up

new summer season dictates new fashion, hairstyles, make-up and style of care for face skin. It is necessary to pay special attention to clarification and moistening of skin in the summer. The sun has negative effect on it: overdries and accelerates aging process.

Under direct sunshine it is possible to stay on several minutes a day. But unless it is possible? All look forward to hot summer days and at the first opportunity run on the beach. Therefore it is necessary to take care of the skin. To use sun-protection means and the moisturizing creams. It is good to buy cream or mask with hyaluronic acid and thermal water. In the flying they are very necessary to skin. And here in hot season it is better to refuse srubs.

In the morning and it is necessary to clean face skin and necks carefully in the evening. For this procedure the cosmetologists recommend to use micellar water. But for beautiful skin there are not enough only cosmetic procedures. It is important to remember healthy food, to do fasting days for clarification of all organism, to drink more liquid (not less than two liters a day) to avoid dehydration.

You should not overload skin with make-up. The dense layer of make-up is inappropriate in the flying. Cosmetics there has to be minimum quantity. Only in order that it is favorable to emphasize features. Too many cosmetics on face can cause reddening and irritation of skin.

To level tone of skin, it is possible to use foundation with moisturizing components. Now for this purpose produce light VV-creams with gentle structure. They cover skin with thin gentle cream veil. It is possible to apply to oily skin a little bit light organic powder.

Blush of golden-peach, coral shade or bronzator are suitable for summer make-up. It is only desirable to use powder and blush in the evening or in need of special cases. Suntanned skin in itself beautifully looks and not really needs cosmetics.

The summer make-up has to be natural. It is better not to burden eyes shadows but only to emphasize with eyelash ink. If you have not got used to do without shadows, then give the preference to gentle natural tones. During heat it is desirable to use waterproof cosmetics. Then you will surely feel even if suddenly it is going to rain. Brown color of ink will give to the face of tenderness and ease.

Trump of summer make-up is use of lip gloss. It is possible to get several translucent gentle and attracting shades. The main thing that gloss was moistening. In the flying not to do without moistening in any way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team