Bud fertilizer: how to use for fertilizing of plants

Bud fertilizer: how to use for fertilizing of plants

The medicine "Bud" - natural stimulator of plodoobrazovaniye and increase in number of ovaries. With its help it is possible to reduce quantity of barren flowers and to increase resistance of plants to drought and frosts. For this purpose prepare solution and carry out sprayings to dry windless weather.

Preparation of solution and method of processing

For preparation of working solution medicine is dissolved in small amount of tap water and carefully mixed. Then bring its volume to norm then once again mix.

Sprayings carry out by freshly cooked solution in the morning or in the evening, at the same time it is important to provide uniform wetting of leaves. "Bud" begins to influence plant from the moment of its processing, the period of protective action — 1-3 months.

Potatoes and eggplants

To increase productivity of potatoes and also its resistance to frosts and diseases, tubers process before landing by solution of "Bud". Use 15 g of medicine on 10 l of water, the expense makes approximately 1l/100 kg. In phase of budding apply the same solution in number of 4 l / 100 sq.m of landings. Eggplants spray in stage of budding and the beginning of blossoming to increase contents in fruits of solid matters, protein and sugar. Prepare the same solution, as well as for processing of potatoes, at the same time its expense has to make 4 l / 100 sq.m. This method of processing can be applied to increase in productivity of tomatoes, decrease in acidity of fruits and increase in resistance to diseases.

White cabbage

The white cabbage is processed for increase in content of vitamin C and sugar and also for decrease in content of nitrates. For mixing of mortar take 10-15 g of "Bud", part in 10 l of water, and then use in phases of the beginning of forming of the first present sheet, emergence of 6-8 leaves and during setting of head of cabbage. The consumption of solution makes 4 l / 100 sq.m.

Other plants

For processing of wild strawberry, sweet cherry and blackcurrant prepare solution, using 10 g of "Bud" on 10 l of water. Cucumbers spray with the same solution when they have the first present sheet and also at the beginning of blossoming. Soaking of bulbous tubers of flowers in it increases energy of germination, accelerates exit of peduncles and increases harvest of "children" of plant.

Safety precautions

The medicine "Bud" is considered moderately dangerous, not phytotoxic connection, however it can cause irritation of mucous membranes of eyes and skin. Persons 18 years of age or over without contraindications for health reasons are allowed to work with it. Processing is carried out when using personal protection equipment: rubber gloves, points, dressing gown and respirator. During operating time with medicine it is impossible to drink, eat food and to smoke. Upon termination of all works it is necessary to wash up hands and face with soap and also to rinse mouth.

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