Carrying out system of drainage and the sewerage in owner-occupied dwelling

Carrying out system of drainage and the sewerage in owner-occupied dwelling

Construction of owner-occupied dwelling – hard, but interesting business which demands attentiveness and accuracy to each part. On projecting phase of the house it is necessary to think over the system of drainage of house footing and to choose way of withdrawal of sewer waste from the house.

Carrying out system of drainage

The system of drainage plays important role in safety of the building. If the part of the house is buried, that is leaves under the earth, the probability of floodings is high – walls will be influenced by the water formed in the earth after rains, increase in level of underground water and drains. It is reasonable to lay the majority of systems of drainages at stage of construction of the base.

There are several types of drainage systems for owner-occupied dwelling. The opening system of drainage – one of the simplest, around cottage is laid several channels which go under bias from the building, dewatering. The wall drainage is necessary if in the building there are basement or the first floor. Around foundation of the house the trench which on corners is brought to special wells is dug out. In trench pipes from polyethylene or polyvinylchloride – drains are laid. It is one of the most labor-consuming and expensive ways of drainage, but if all works are made correctly, then this system provides excellent protection of the house against water.

The trench drainage, unlike wall is carried out at distance from one and a half meters from the base and is necessary if the site consists of clayey ground, and in the house there is no basement. In that case between the bases and system clay keeps within, and the trench is dug out on half-meter below, than base level. Drains keep within on the layer which is passing water – for example, on crushed stone with which fill up trench bottom.

In places where pipes connect among themselves to the help of special connections, it is necessary to envelop them waterproofing film.

Carrying out system of the sewerage

In owner-occupied dwelling it is necessary to think of carrying out system of the sewerage on house projecting phase as sewage pipes need to be laid under the base. Under the law all autonomous systems of the sewerage need to be coordinated with SES, but in practice these issues are resolved only by owners of the house and site. The simplest and inexpensive type of the sewerage – cesspool, such sewerage is suitable for giving. For this purpose all sewage pipes in the house connect to one drain highway which is removed out of borders of the base and is stretched to the place on the seasonal dacha where there will be cesspool. It is necessary to lay pipe under bias in two-three degrees, and the place for hole to choose it that to it the cesspool machine could reach. Further it is necessary only to dig out hole which size depends on quantity about two cubic meters living in the house – on one person. It is desirable to strengthen walls of hole brick, stacking it in chessboard order that there were windows. The hole bottom nothing does not need to be put.

Sometimes the cesspool is done of improvised materials: barrels or tires.

Septic tank – more modern, eco-friendly and expensive system of the sewerage. As a rule, the septic tank consists of two cameras: on outflow pipe the waste comes to the first hermetic camera with the closed bottom where heavy masses settles down, and liquid settles and comes further on pipe to the following camera with open bottom from where water is removed to the soil. There are systems with three or four cameras where waters undergoes even more careful cleaning before being absorbed in soil. Firm masses needs to be pumped out, calling the assenizatorsky cab.

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