Choice of hinged ceilings

Choice of hinged ceilings

Everyone who did repair in the house faced question - to establish hinged ceiling or not? If yes, what to choose that? To put one type of ceiling or a little? To answer these questions, it is necessary to understand what types of hinged ceilings of what materials are made, their properties and functionality and also relevance of ceilings in any given room exist.

The choice for false ceilings is made, thanks to properties inherent in them, such as:

 - moisture resistance;

 - noise isolation;

 - light reflection;

 - simplicity of leaving.

Types of hinged ceilings

For a start it is worth understanding what there are types of ceilings. Today them big variety is provided, but the main exists a little:

 - plasterboard;

 - rack;

 - cassette;

 - mirror;

 - glass.

These are the main types of false ceilings capable to meet requirements of any customer and to join organically the most original design.


Plasterboard false ceilings are the most widespread and often chosen type of ceilings. It has gained the popularity thanks to opportunity to give to ceiling any kind and the form. Ideally fits into interior and design of the room. It is generally applied in bedrooms.

Rack ceilings. Are often used at offices and public institutions, is more rare in houses. Are convenient availability of free space where it is convenient to hide communication wires. Will well fit into interior of corridor and the hall, but in rooms with original design can look inappropriate.

Cassette - the ceiling collected from type-setting plates. Usually square shape. Its design does not demand further processing or painting. Thanks to the ventilating properties perfectly is suitable for kitchen and the bathroom. Also, because of good light reflection, it is often used in the living room. Perfectly approach design of the rooms executed in techno style.

Mirror ceilings. The most expensive type of hinged ceiling. Gathers from mirror plates. It is usually used in the bathroom in combination with mirror walls, is more rare in bedrooms. It is not desirable to establish in the nursery as the children's mentality is completely not created and nightmares are possible.

Glass ceilings. Thanks to the put drawing and the changing illumination, it is possible to create any atmosphere in the room. Usually are established in the living room and the nursery rooms.

All these types of hinged ceilings, generally correspond to certain styles of design. Therefore you should not put their choice away for later. And to solve at once, with the choice of interior of the apartment or certain room. The cost of materials and installation different, can also become unpleasant surprise.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team