Choice of the garden vacuum cleaner

Choice of the garden vacuum cleaner

The garden vacuum cleaner – the irreplaceable assistant in care for the site. The small device is suitable for cleaning of fallen leaves, mowed grass and other garbage. Depending on type, vacuum cleaners for garden can be petrol, accumulator or electric.

Such garden stock as the vacuum cleaner for cleaning of the site, is suitable for year-round use. This equipment can safely be referred to category of universal devices because the compact device, except collecting garbage, can carry out tasks of spraying of plantings, cleanings of drains, paths. And some models are suitable also for snow cleaning.

Garden vacuum cleaners are similar on functionality to vozdukhoduva. However vacuum cleaners have two operating modes whereas vozdukhoduva – only one. The compact equipment works for suction of garbage and its crushing. Waste will be reduced in sizes, after transformation into mulch they get to the garbage collector, the vacuum cleaner compressor.

When choosing the garden vacuum cleaner it is worth paying attention to model weight if it is the manual unit. It is necessary to do corrections and on the weight of garbage which will fill capacity in the vacuum cleaner when cleaning.

Electric and petrol vacuum cleaners for garden

Cleaning in garden can be conducted by the electric vacuum cleaner which are attractive by the ecological purity, simplicity of service and management. Also during the work such garden vacuum cleaners publish less noise, than petrol, but they completely depend on the cable length and the power supply network. Petrol models differ in mobility, they can easily be transferred to far corner of garden where the electric unit will not reach. But vacuum cleaners, gas-powered, very noisy. Many brands can offer also garden vacuum cleaners on accumulators. They combine pluses of electric and petrol devices. Vacuum cleaners of this kind are portable and ecologically safe, maloshumna. But these models have small resource of charge therefore it is necessary to stop to recharge the vacuum cleaner.

Nuances of the choice of the garden vacuum cleaner

When choosing the garden vacuum cleaner it is necessary to focus attention and to possibility of regulation of power of suction, speed and other functions. There is also division of devices into wheel models and manual. The last optimum will be suitable for service of small territories. Wheel vacuum cleaners are characterized by high power, models self-propelled and meet management. For big sites it is possible to choose the manpack vacuum cleaners. They are similar to backpacks on design therefore, according to reviews, they without problems can be transferred from place to place.

The waste crushed by the garden vacuum cleaner can be used as raw materials for compost. The garbage will be less by the sizes approximately by 10 times that saves time when unloading the vacuum cleaner.

Depending on amount of works the garden vacuum cleaners are divided into professional, household. Of course, for cleaning of garden near the house of rather simple model, in lines of the famous producers such devices are provided in wide assortment. To evaluate possibilities of the garden vacuum cleaner, paying attention to the brand, as a rule, it is possible directly in shop. Professional devices are suitable for waste removal in parks, squares more, then their purchase will be economically justified.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team