Councils for arrangement of the small bathroom

Councils for arrangement of the small bathroom

The small bathroom instead of spacious Spa? It is possible to make it cozy and attractive.


1. Natural colors very much suit Small rooms a little luxury in situation. Natural materials as, for example, the stone and wood, do the small bathroom lovely and cozy. Larch wood - ideal material for the bathroom. Covered with protective layer of oil, it provides additional protection against spots and water and will make space lighter. It is better to choose tile natural shades: it will allow to expand visually space and, in combination with the correct lighting, will create pleasant soft light.

2. Work with svetomvanny will look more capacious if to pick up the correct lighting. Instead of one big lamp it is better to make ceiling lighting with several spotlights. Also floor lamps which are built in aflush will add the area of volume and will fix eye.

3. Economy the prostranstvamalenky bathroom is more suitable for shower: the wall covered with tile with shower in small space looks more organically, in comparison with the standard bathroom. Here glass shower will ideally fit in. Water pipes can be closed light-weight plastic constructions which perfectly will be suitable for storage of towels and bathing accessories. If you have no place for shelves - use hinged containers.

4. Imitation of masshtabnostiyesla of wall and ceiling to issue the same material, you will achieve additional optical volume. Such unity will create feeling of scale. And, than joints will be narrower, especially the space will be uniform. One more old trick which is used by designers optically to increase the small area - of course, mirrors. The three-leaved mirror for the bathroom will be here as it is impossible appropriate.

5. Noble mozaikayesl you want to make facing of mosaic, be sure: the mosaic tile will add nobility and luxury of the small bathroom. Be not afraid to use and tiled mosaic with gilding - it will introduce solar gloss to your small bathroom. Special effect: wall mosaic panel which will provide depth to your small bathroom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team