Cultivation of oak from acorn

Cultivation of oak from acorn

Each man in life is obliged to make three things: to grow up the son, to build the house and to plant tree. If the first two tasks are carried out and your elect had the following desire landing of oak, then it is possible to consider that he deserves respect. The oak long since oak is symbol of wisdom and courage. Try to help it, having told as it is better to make it. In the future, when it will grow, you all family will be able to come to this place and to organize picnic.


1. First of all it is necessary to find suitable acorns. The good viability of seeds depends on whether they could survive from fall to spring. Therefore it is better to take several pieces of healthy acorns, they have to be brown color. If you manage to find the sprouted acorn, consider it good luck as its time of germination will strongly accelerate.

2. Preparation for landing will be the next stage. In case you have noticed that at acorn the hat falls off, be not afraid, terrible in it there is nothing. Just before landing it is necessary to wash them with flowing water, and it is better even with soap, for this purpose what to get rid of bacteria and mold, after leading to disease.

3. Use for landing of the forest soil will be the most optimum as to grow, in sandy places it will not be able. It is better to take the earth directly from there where you have taken acorn though you can buy it in shop.

4. It is possible to put acorns as in pots, and directly to the earth. Having decided to grow up acorn house conditions, you have opportunity to observe its growth. When choosing pot it should be taken into account that growth of roots happens very quickly therefore better that it was spacious. For landing the seed is placed in the earth only in horizontal position, the pot has to be filled with soil on 2/3.

5. Oak very hygrophilous plant. Therefore it is better to water it every day, and for faster shoots it is necessary to loosen sometimes.

6. The sprouted tree it is necessary to keep no more than two years in house conditions, at the same time it is occasionally necessary to take out it on fresh air. It will promote its fast acclimatization after change on the street.

7. Change of sapling needs to be made only in the spring before it has not managed to dismiss foliage completely yet. To prepare special pole there is no need too. Will be to make in the earth opening by means of peg enough and to accurately lower roots there. Then to cover free space with earth. The tree will grow to the big sizes only in several decades.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team