Decorative and deciduous plants in container gardening

Decorative and deciduous plants in container gardening

For container gardening it is possible to use not only flowers, decorative and deciduous plants also look very brightly and festively. Besides, they are decorative always, and not just during blossoming.


1. For example, here sets the main tone kaladium for Freida Hemple, at background the small tree is planted, and the bottom decorates chlorophytum. Such composition will be appropriate even in interior, and for the summer it can be taken out on the street.

2. Such composition reminds fountain. In the center in container the acorus is landed, it can be replaced with any similar grassy plant. From below the composition is continued by verbeynik monetchaty. For such flower bed significant area is necessary, otherwise the necessary effect will not be created.

3. Very brightly the combination of decorative and deciduous plants looks and flower, are put koleus and lanthanum here. At the same time flowers remain rather background, thanks to bright coloring of koleus.

4. One more example of combination of flower and decorative and deciduous types. The main tone is set by begonia flowers, and koleus only supports it on tone. The grass under the name Purple Fountain emphasizes composition geometry.

5. Very colourful and at the same time small group. Krasnookrashenny koleus is combined with ivy, it turns out brightly, but is harmonious.

6. The minimalist composition from red rice, perfectly will be suitable for decoration of handrail of ladder or balcony.

7. One more small composition from koleus, verbenas, kalibrakhor and petunias. It is possible to choose and other types, the main thing are to think over their combination.

8. It is possible to make big container, for example of old table. It will perfectly look against the background of wall or on the edge of terrace. And koleusa, petunia and geranium will be suitable for its filling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team