Enterokolit: symptoms and treatment

Enterokolit: symptoms and treatment

Enterokolit - it is digestive tract disease which is characterized by inflammatory process in thick and thin guts. Excessive consumption of greasy food and alcohol, intestinal infections, food allergy of severe form and long reception of strong antibiotics are the most common causes of the enterokolit.

Characteristic symptoms of the enterokolit are shown in the form of the general weakness, nausea, violation of chair and belly-aches. If inflammation in small intestine develops for a long time, the pain will be severe and sharp. As a rule, it is observed around navel, but can extend also on all area of stomach. Attacks of pain become aggravated at sharp movements, before depletion of intestines and also in 1.5-2 hours after meal.

During exacerbation of disease the diarrhea often alternates with locks. At defecation at the patient slime, blood and impurity of undigested food can be observed. Usually this symptom is shown at enterokolita of infectious origin. Also the weakness, muscle pain and body rise of temperature are characteristic for this purpose like disease.

Symptoms of the sharp enterokolit arise suddenly and have the expressed form. Chronic enterokolit early stage can proceed without sharp clinical symptoms, but later it gains more difficult character and is capable to lead to life-threatening complications. At the long course of disease perhaps considerable decrease in body weight.

After diagnostics of the sharp enterokolit to the patient appoint water chayevuyu diet, and in certain cases carry out washing of stomach. At severe vomiting and diarrhea which are capable to lead to dehydration perform the supporting hydration therapy – additional input of the fluid in organism. Besides water and tea the patient can use porridges on water and rice broth. For removal of pains use spazmolitichesky medicines. If enterokolit it is complicated by infection, treatment is carried out with application of antibiotics and sulfanamide means. As at enterokolita the dysbacteriosis develops, to the patient appoint the pro-biotic medicines restoring intestinal microflora. At treatment of the chronic enterokolit integrated approach is applied. It includes therapy of diseases of digestive tract (stomach ulcer, the duodenit, gastritis) and elimination of infections. The patient needs to keep to diet and special diet. Dairy products, greasy, spicy and salty food, smoked products and alcohol have to be excluded from diet. At treatment of the enterokolit of chronic form the patient cannot abuse antibiotics and any other medicines which are capable to break work of intestines.

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