For admirers of what style - wooden wall-paper

For admirers of what style - wooden wall-paper

Wooden wall-paper - the pro-thinned-out lining - has appeared not so long ago in the market of construction materials. Broad application of wooden wall-paper as interior and exterior finish has allowed them to win popularity quickly.

Wooden wall-paper is eco-friendly and available material. Modern production is organized from various breeds of tree.

However, it is possible to find in sale also quite decent artificial analogs of wooden wall-paper. They are made, as a rule, from the pressed paper and become covered by coat of varnish or silicone.

The most inexpensive natural wooden wall-paper makes of coniferous breeds and applies to interior finish of inhabited and office rooms. Panels, for example, from the African tree abash the most expensive, their characteristics allow to revet with them even walls of saunas and sweating rooms.

Environmental friendliness, beauty, practicality

At all times finishing by tree looked originally and soundly. Wooden wall-paper has allowed to expand possibilities of design of the house considerably. The variety is reached by use of wood of various breeds and textures and also wide choice of styles, drawings, availability of stamping and thread on covering surface.

Wooden wall-paper is, in fact, wall panels from thin wood or the pressed plates.

Special environmental friendliness of material, its durability and unpretentiousness have allowed panels to become popular type of covering. The designer minimalists, adherents of what style, those who love natural cosiness more often give preference to finishing of walls tree, noting that rooms as if begin to breathe.

In general, these coverings from thin wood are called wall-paper very conditionally. They have with paper analogs nothing in common, moreover, fastening of tree to walls essentially differs from technology of pokleyka of wall-paper.

Work with wooden wall-paper

Mounting of wooden wall-paper provides installation of furring – special timber frame construction from boards or bars. Between them it is possible to place thermal insulation and communications. It is better to process grid anti-fungal means. To hide fastening elements, when mounting wooden wall-paper vagonochny nails or klyaymer use. Vagonochny nails, thin almost without hat, accurately drive in into grooves of boards at an angle 30 degrees. More modern method is use of klyaymer – special metal clips. They are beaten to framework by nails or brackets from gun and well hold panels. With their help the mounting of wooden wall-paper takes place much quicker. Sometimes wooden wall-paper fixes on "liquid nails". During the work it is necessary: • to constantly use level for mounting of furring and wall-paper to check vertical position and horizontal position, to avoid roughnesses of surface and violation of the drawing; • installing light panels, it is better to put on gloves not to leave prints; • to consider that it is not always possible to hide joints of relief panels decorative corners, it is necessary to apply other design approaches; • it is possible to prolong life cycle of wooden wall-paper, having varnished their surface after installation, special impregnation or paint. Getting wooden wall-paper, it is necessary to calculate their quantity with some stock. Klyaymera select to already acquired panels. For mounting of wooden wall-paper it is better to use services of the expert.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team