Grades of roses suitable for cultivation in midland of Russia

Grades of roses suitable for cultivation in midland of Russia

Who does not dream to have the garden which is smelling sweet as gentle aromas of roses and their buds captivating look? The dream can quite become – to show enough reality persistence, and roses will blossom not only in the south, it is quite possible to grow up gentle flowers and in midland, in the Urals and in Siberia.

Selection of roses does not stand still, now there is large number of the grades intended for cultivation not only in mild climate, but also in other, more severe weather conditions. To avoid disappointments at cultivation of roses, it is worth showing consideration for the choice of grade and to try to collect as much as possible information on novelties.

Popular grades of roses

The most impressive of all, they the most exacting – tea and hybrid roses. These grades are capable to blossom twice during the season, the second wave is necessary for the end of August – September. In midland these roses can be grown up if carefully to approach their shelter for the winter and not to allow them to blossom in the fall. For this purpose buds in the second wave of blossoming need to be torn off that roses could get better ready for winter. For the shelter it is possible to use fir-tree fir twigs, peat or to cover bushes with earth. In most cases roses suffer not from destruction by frost, and from perishing in the early spring when under the shelter the excessive humidity is formed. That to avoid it, it is necessary to remove the shelter in the early spring, and to process roses from fungal infections in the fall.

Pletisty roses can also grow in midland if to cover them for the winter. Lashes are accurately removed in the fall from grids and stacked on the earth, from above covered with fir-tree fir twigs, filled up with peat or the earth. In all the rest requirements remain the same, as for tea and hybrid grades. Poliantovy roses are more unpretentious, they suffer from low temperatures and humidity less therefore they are quite worthy to take the place in garden. It is possible to refer their insufficient decorative effect to some shortcomings, but these roses are pleasant to many gardeners.

What roses should be grown up

Park roses are considered as the most unpretentious, call them still wrinkled (by the form leaves). They can maintain low winter temperatures without shelter, these grades are removed on the basis of dogrose which grows everywhere, is not afraid of wreckers and diseases. Thanks to this relationship the park roses are adapted for cultivation in the most extreme conditions, winter without shelter and annually magnificently blossom. It is possible to refer their rather short blossoming and simple form of flower which is closer to dogrose flower to shortcomings of these roses. Among garden roses special attention should be paid to the Canadian roses – the flower form at them is as refined as at tea and hybrid roses, and bushes are unpretentious, as at park grades. Once having planted bush of the Canadian rose, it is possible to enjoy its blossoming not one decade, at the same time it is not necessary to care for its shelter. It should be noted that for magnificent and more long blossoming all roses need good mineral fertilizing several times during the season, only in this case they completely open the opportunities and all season please the gardener with the blossoming and aromas.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team