Graffiti in interior

Graffiti in interior

Today there is set of means for decoration of interior, set of styles and the directions, various objects for creation of mood. And if the identity wants, something new and bright, not as at all, pay attention to graffiti.

Graffiti - it is universal, practical and besides is popular.

And what is necessary for graffiti? First, wall, further - paint. Can still it is required LED lamps industrial, it is necessary for illumination of wall and its high-quality allocation against the background of other space.

By the way, paint, on characteristics it the best what can only be for artworks. It is bright, resistant, quickly dries and allows to implement the most daring ideas. Spray paint perfectly lays down practically on any surface, and here strongly loses it brush. And the palette of aerosols contains about 200 shades. Stability of this paint can only envy - it perfectly keeps also on tile in rooms with the increased humidity. Such drawing can be placed anywhere according to your desire.

The drawing  is very easily put, it can be any. Opportunity to put drawings in any place allows to implement any ideas, to mix the world of the drawing and the world real. Graffiti in interior - it is new, fresh, this progressive direction, fashionable, modern and economic.

The stylistics of the drawing can be any. If there is a wish to try to introduce independently changes in the image of your dwelling, here several important councils for record:

  • It is necessary to be observed color gamma of your interior. Graffiti has to look organically.
  • The distance to opposite wall has to be corresponding to the drawing. Distance small - the drawing small. Otherwise you will have desire to depart far away better to consider, and... there is no place...
  • Consider subject. You should not draw in kitchen small fishes or in the nursery  - fruit and berry abundance.
  • Walls before coloring need to be processed correctly. In the bathroom the processing of walls for their moisture resistance is necessary.
  • Whether graffiti are combined with your interior. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team