How competently to create lawn on the personal plot

How competently to create lawn on the personal plot

In many respects depends on the correct device of lawn whether this element of landscaping will serve many years as decoration of your site. Competent creation of pleasant green lawn includes the choice of the herbal blend suitable for necessary to you like lawn, preparation of the soil and crops.

It is required to you

  • - seeds;
  • - medicine "Raundap";
  • - drainage;
  • - geotextiles;
  • - sand;
  • - lawn grid;
  • - garden skating rink.


1. Before works in garden choose type of lawn which you are going to arrange. For personal plots landscape gardening decorative options are most often recommended. On such lawn it is possible to go though it is not intended for heavy loads. At herbal blend there can be fescues meadow and sheep, kostrets bezosty, meadow grass meadow, annual and long-term ryegrasses. Visually the impregnation of white clover will help to recover and diversify green cover of lawn.

2. If you are going to arrange well site for populous parties or sports, give preference to sports lawn or herbal blend for the playground which includes plants with soft leaves. Both of these options are resistant to trampling and gaps. On sports lawn meadow grass meadow, meadow and red fescues, long-term ryegrass grow. The herd grass meadow, long-term ryegrass, hedgehog the national team, fescue meadow and several species of clover will be suitable for the playground.

3. If for the device of lawn there was shaded site of garden, sow it polevitsa pobegoobrazuyushchy. Unfortunately, the similar lawn will play purely decorative role, often it is not recommended to walk on it.

4. Clean the site of garden intended for lawn from garbage, rhizomes of long-term weeds and unnecessary bush. Processing by the solution of the medicine "Raundap" prepared at the rate of 100 mm of medicine on 10 l of water will help with fight against weed plants.

5. Remove top soil and fill drainage from 10 to 20 cm thick. In this quality it is possible to use gravel or beaten brick. Thickness of drainage layer depends on strain which will be experienced by lawn. If on your green lawn cars park, thickness of drainage has to be 30 cm.

6. Over the stamped drainage put layer of coarse sand 10 cm thick. Lawns with heavy load and thick drainage layer between it and sand will require layer from geotextiles.

7. Over sand lay fertile soil which thickness of layer will be from 10 to 15 cm. For landscape gardening lawn fill twenty-centimetric layer. For the device of parking lawn put on sand of section of lawn grid over which it is possible to fill the earth. Stamp soil layer garden skating rink. The prepared earth is recommended to be sustained under the ferry within 1-2 months.

8. Once again remove weeds, loosen also to prikatayta the soil. It is abundant water future lawn.

9. Next day loosen top soil with the help grabel and seed herbal blend. The decorative lawn will require from 20 to 40 grams of seeds on square meter, for sites with stronger loading – from 40 to 80 grams. Seeds also water Prikatayte with skating rink, having put on the diffuser hose.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team