How many years it is possible to plant tomatoes on one place

How many years it is possible to plant tomatoes on one place

For receiving good harvest of vegetables it is necessary to follow some agrotechnical rules from which main thing is observance of crop rotation. It is necessary in order that in the soil wreckers and diseases which can interfere with normal development of plants did not collect and deprive of the gardener of considerable part of harvest.

What is crop rotation

The concept of crop rotation has been entered into use relatively recently, it consists in serial landing of various garden cultures to keep efficiency of the soil and to reduce the number of diseases which can be transmitted through the soil. At the same time it is important to know to what family vegetables belong, in this case wreckers, diseases and preferences at them will be similar. Tomatoes belong to family of nightshade family as paprika, eggplant and potatoes. It means that they cannot be alternated on beds to the listed cultures. The most preferable option: to plant tomatoes after pumpkin, bean plants, beets, carrots, turnip and onions.

Tomatoes and pepper are surprised viruses of tobacco mosaic, fusariosis, virus of spotty withering which is transmitted by tripsa. When landing tomatoes in the open ground it is necessary to make the general written plan of garden landings for several years ahead, considering characteristics of plants, their preferences and features of cultivation. For drawing up detailed plan it is possible to use long winter evenings, to read special literature, to consult with experienced gardeners at gardening forums and the websites, to consult to experts.

How often it is necessary to change the place of landing

In ideal option it is necessary to change the place of landing of vegetables annually, this rule belongs also to tomatoes. However this condition can create some problems for gardeners if for cultivation of tomatoes the stationary greenhouse is used. In this case vegetable growers quite often go on small cunnings which in most cases are quite justified. It is possible to arrange on the site two greenhouses and to plant in them in turn tomatoes and cucumbers – these plants have no general diseases and wreckers. At the same time at the same time in one greenhouse these vegetables cannot be grown up – it will cause death of cucumbers which are more exacting to conditions of growth, humidity and temperature condition, besides they will be oppressed by the neighbourhood with tomatoes. If it is necessary to use one greenhouse for cultivation of tomatoes, it is necessary to pick up plants which well transfer the neighbourhood with tomato bushes: green plants, salad, garden radish and annually to alternate landings in hotbed. Other way is to change annually top soil in the greenhouse to reduce incidence of tomatoes. For this purpose it is necessary to remove soil layer of 25-30 cm in the spring, to pour out it on garden beds, and to the greenhouse to fill the fresh fertilized soil from kitchen garden. Its big labor input belongs to lack of this method. Before disembarkation in soil of seedling of tomatoes it is necessary to spill holes hot strong solution of margantsovokisly potassium, and to enrich the soil with lime slaked lime before deep redigging to reduce its acidity. At fight against fungal diseases the processing of bushes solution of copper vitriol gives good effect. Not to allow defeat of fruits phytophthora, it is necessary to reap the harvest in time: when lowering night time temperature to +4os it is necessary to collect all tomatoes and to put them in boxes for ripening. Some gardeners recommend to process green fruits in hot water to avoid their damage.

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