How much is bulk floor

How much is bulk floor

Bulk floors are divided into polymeric, cement containing and industrial. All of them differ from each other in structure, way of laying, assignment, polymerization time, and, respectively, and at the cost over one square meter.

Polymeric floors consist of polyurethane or epoxy binding, sometimes apply fast-reactionary pitches. Such floors keep within on concrete bed and have various structure and color, thickness reach up to 5 mm that allows to hide defects of the basis. After drying have gloss and the smooth surface comparable with glass. Are used for coverings of floors in apartments and offices or in places where the wear resistance, resistance to chemical vozdeystiya, high impact strength is necessary. These floors are easily mopped and are unusual on exterior.

Cost of floors of different types

Bulk coverings are subdivided into thin layer (to 1 mm), bulk (more than 1 mm) and quartz filled (more than 1 mm). The cost of thin layer epoxy covering is from 350 rub/m 2, polyurethane also 350 rub/sq.m. Bulk epoxy costs 850 rub/sq.m, and polyurethane 950 rub/sq.m.

Quartz the filled epoxy and polyurethane floors cost 740 rub/sq.m. Bystroreatsionny pitches or quick-drying floors (harden in half an hour, it is possible to use after 2 hours) cost from 1280 rub/sq.m. Costs of work and materials are included in the price. The specified prices are average values since exact cost depends on coating thickness and quality of material.

Cement the containing floors

Cement the containing floors consist of cement, lime, softener and melkofraktsionny sand. Thickness can reach up to 200 mm. Are divided into concrete couplers and polimerbetonny coverings. Concrete couplers for increase in durability are reinforced, haydite or granite crumb is added. Are intended, for alignment of the basis under the subsequent covering. Cost with reinforcing of 820 rub/sq.m work and materials enter here. Without armature of tie is cheaper.

Polimerbetona and industrial floors

Polimerbetona – it full-fledged coverings with the monotonous or mosaic drawing for giving of decorative effect are tinted. Cost with materials and work of 1015 rub/sq.m. The price will increase depending on grade of cement and various additives. Industrial floors consist of the special polymeric structures intended for protection of surface layer against the destructive impacts of external influences. Are divided into high-filled (with quartz sand) and unfilled. The prices from 300 rub/sq.m to 3000 rub/sq.m depending on thickness of layer, durability and decorative effect. Recently there was new type of polymeric bulk floors – 3D. The feature of these coverings is that when examining the drawing under certain corner the illusion of dimensions is created. The manufacturing techniques are very difficult therefore also the prices rather high: from 4000 rub/sq.m without the drawing and up to 8000 rub/sq.m with the drawing.

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