How to air the room

How to air the room

It would seem, such daily and simple occupation as airing of the room has no accurate rules and stages of implementation. But in practice everything is in a different way. Happens that many housewives do not even think that they can incorrectly air the apartment or the house. And in vain. Regular airing – guarantee of health of family and purity. Not without reason professional cleaning is never carried out without airing.


1. Now with the advent of plastic windows, this problem gains the greatest value. In case you do regularly not air the room, then in it the mold and different fungi can be formed.

2. To provide the best microclimate in the apartment, it is necessary to air especially often those rooms where a lot of moisture accumulates. For example, kitchen, the bathroom or any other room after long stay of people in it. If you forget about airing, then your window will remind of it is it will mist over. It is the main sign that it is time to open windows or window leaves wide open.

3. It is important to air the room every day. And not once, and at least 4-5. For each airing there will be enough 5-10 minutes. It is especially important to air the room if in it repairs were made.

4. Many people consider that in the winter because of open window leaves they can get sick. Do not worry, clean air heats up much quicker filched therefore after airing in the house will become much warmer.

5. Will arrange with the best option short airings in the winter, than to hold windows constantly open. It will help you to keep heat in the apartment. In 1-2 minutes the room will manage to be aired, at the same time the sharp slowdown of temperature will not occur.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team