How to arrange the hall

How to arrange the hall

Big apartments and owner-occupied dwellings have spacious halls instead of the hall or corridor. This room often performs function of the living room and separates public zone of the dwelling from private.

It is required to you

  • - furniture;
  • - decor objects.


1. Honor hall furniture same what is used also for the hall. Choose solid hanger, it can fasten to wall or stand on floor. In the hall at outer door the closed rack locker for footwear which will allow not to leave street shoes in sight is useful. For convenience it is possible to put chair, padded stool or small sofa for pereobuvaniye. Before outer door lay rug.

2. At the hall surely there has to be mirror. For the small hall pick up average or small pocket mirror. The most convenient option – mirror to the utmost, but it should not be too big not to encumber small room. This subject surely has to have decorative frame, otherwise edges of mirror can be damaged.

3. Decorate the spacious hall with massive standing mirror in carved wooden frame. Take care of sufficient lighting that themselves to see accurate and clear, putting on before exit.

4. If you want to make small step in the hall, use for this purpose marble crumb. This wearproof material, durable is also capable to maintain heavy loads. You can paste over hall walls with wearproof wall-paper and put strong floor covering. Choose the washing materials for the hall, otherwise finishing will quickly become useless.

5. For the big hall which precedes entrance to all rooms of the apartment make several luminous sources. The mirror, wardrobe cabinet, sofa with coffee table have to be well lit. Use one big chandelier or several beautiful lamps which will light only necessary to you area of the hall at present.

6. Not to do you also without wardrobe cabinet. It has to be such size that in it all your outerwear could be located. Whenever possible get high wardrobe (to ceiling) in which there will be several shelves for storage of tools, the vacuum cleaner and other household objects. It will make to you room if there is no storeroom.

7. Decorate the hall with pictures, figurines, window plants, regiments for souvenirs. Well the set of shod home decoration for halls looks. You can get support under magazines, umbrellas, various hangers, tables and banquettes.

8. On floor lay cozy rug or paths.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team