How to arrange well giving

How to arrange well giving

For many people the giving represents the peculiar outlet allowing to have a rest from vanity of city life and to enjoy the nature. Therefore improvement not only the giving, but also the landscape adjoining to it is of great importance. There is set of ways to give to the seasonal dacha individual and attractive look. The choice depends on your opportunities, richness of imagination and flavoring preferences.

1. Think over the device on the seasonal dacha of beds and flower beds. These are the simplest decorative elements capable, nevertheless, it is good to decorate landscape. The Alpine hill or rock garden – the stony garden created from the selected and carefully laid stones which are combined with coniferous plants or even in modest forest flowers can become not less worthy addition to flower bed.

2. If there is such opportunity, use water for expression of identity of the seasonal dacha. Fountains, falls and reservoirs are capable to draw much bigger attention of visitors, than normal flower bed. The elements using water have attractive force; near water we, as a rule, feel tranquility and rest.

3. However, water not necessarily has to beat from the exotic fountainlet. Being happy owner of the stream passing through the site, try to build the artificial creek or pond capable also to change exterior of the most unattractive site. Sometimes owners of giving puzzle over how to drain the boggy place. In certain cases such misfortune can be turned into advantage, having used simple drainage systems for forming on the boggy site of pond.

4. Think over construction on the seasonal dacha of small architectural forms – gazebos, the covered avenue, graceful garden furniture. Use of these elements of improvement will give to the territory originality and cosiness. Such places can become not only the center of pleasant companionship, but also source of creative inspiration if your interests are connected with literary activity or drawing.

5. If you want to increase originality of landscape, safely use in its registration vases or flowerpots, sculptures from ceramics, bronze or tree, ornamental inserts. The main thing here is to observe sense of proportion that abundance artificial, let and highly artistic, elements of registration did not begin to prevail over natural registration of your original natural corner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team