How to avoid failures at cultivation of cucumber

How to avoid failures at cultivation of cucumber

Cucumber - culture national and whimsical. Its cultivation is always accompanied by overcoming difficulties. And with deterioration in ecology neither new grades, nor film, nor greenhouses help to receive to the summer resident good harvest sometimes.

The cucumber loves comfort. Plant stalks always have to be in the humidified heat. Well cucumbers at cultivation in ditches are successful.

Dig out ditch about 50 cm in depth. The best option - bottom of ditch to fill with any manure. In the absence of that small branches, straw, dry grass, sawdust, any household garbage which will rot through in the earth will approach, giving to roots of cucumber plants warmly. From above on this puff pie fill the soil, about 20 cm.

The cucumber should be protected from the dominating cold winds ""fence"" from corn, sunflower. Even beans with peas will approach.

 Beds have so that plants enjoyed sunlight much.

It is better to carry out crops by dry seeds to the humidified earth, to cover beds with film. If there is return of cold weather and frosts wetted and which have sprouted seeds rot and do not give good shoots.

 Being late with landing, in warm weather the seeds sow to the damp soil germinated. Crops can be zamulchirovat dry grass, sawdust.

Cucumber plants should not be grown up in narrowness. On 1 sq.m place no more than 6-8 pieces.

Modern grades have female type of blossoming therefore they should not be prishchipyvat.

With growth of cucumber foliage before fructification in fertilizing there has to be strengthened phosphoric power supply, and nitrogen and potassium in moderate quantities. When the plodoobrazovaniye begins, in power supply give nitrogen and potassium more. If to alternate mineral fertilizing and organic chemistry each 10 days, the cucumber will receive all necessary.

Water cucumber plants of times in 2-3 days with the water which is warmed up in the sun in the evening till 18 o'clock that leaves have dried out. Spill the soil on depth not less than 15 cm. If in hot weather the leaves privyadat - it is necessary to water plants.

At emergence the waterings limit 4-5 leaves before emergence of ovaries on plants. Excessive moisture delays blossoming.

Cucumbers cut off knife, without allowing to outgrow zelenets, as often as possible, stimulating plants to emergence of new wave of harvest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team