How to braid sling

How to braid sling

Loading and unloading operations at railway stations, construction objects or logistic terminals provide use of slings which can be at cargo transfer by lifting gears: textile tape, chain or rope steel. And so it happens that, and they sometimes do not maintain and break.

It is required to you

  • - mount with the flat end.


1. During visit of objects at which load-lifting mechanisms work it is quite often possible to find slings with the torn-off loops which are intended further for utilization and sending to some scrap metal yard. Where with pleasure will buy high-alloy steel of which rope ropes are made for kopeks.

2. Similar wastefulness of developers raises many questions. Especially as on production of new loop leaves time much less, than on the description of the technology of weaving. The person having experience of restoration of slings will spend for the specified procedure no more than 10-15 minutes.

3. Work begins with survey of steel rope. The twirled ends need to be removed. It is possible to make it so: the rope keeps within on edge of channel or I-beam, and is killed by the hammer. If at the disposal of the performer there is angular grinder, then the cutting wheel cuts all unnecessary and intended for further utilization.

4. Approximately, 60 or 80 cm of rope untwine in half, on two branches. Then, having receded from the whole part of steel rope, centimeters thirty, one lock is bent and another is braided. Having reached the whole part, the free end is interwoven by mount there on one or two rounds. The similar procedure is made also with the second branch. As a result the ready loop, with the sticking-out ends has to turn out.

5. They will be braided in rope if to hook on it half ready loop for some hook, and to pull, having inserted mount, and, scrolling weaving, the ends almost hide in steel rope. The performer at this stage helps seal of free lashes only a little.

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