How to bring furniture from China

How to bring furniture from China

To buy furniture in China it can be very favorable business. First, product quality in brand stores of our country rather high. Secondly, the prices of the Chinese furniture, even taking into account delivery, will be 10 times less. And ways how to deliver your purchase from China, is much. The main thing to choose that most of which is convenient to you.


1. Transport the purchase by rail. For this purpose you need directly but to reserve the place container. Chinese to you will pack it, all will put and will send. You need to process necessary customs documents only. As a rule, such delivery takes not a lot of time - about a week.

2. Also you can transport the furniture bought in China, having used services of the companies providing services of road haulage. The same operation principle, as well as in case with railway delivery. You need to process all documents which will be useful for customs clearance of your cargo. Further or to give them to the driver (if you do not accompany the cargo), or to carry them personally to show them at customs.

3. It is possible to send the bought furniture and plane. Only furniture has to be accurately and is compactly packed. It is necessary for the correct distribution in cargo compartment of the plane. The cost of similar service will depend on the mass of cargo and to be considered on the approved tariffs. Of course, and in this case it is necessary to take care of execution of customs documents.

4. Also you can use services of transport firms. In this case it is enough to you to pay their services only entirely. And they already will send your shipment to carrier, will process customs documents and will pay all delivery.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team