How to build metal fence

How to build metal fence

If you have decided to build metal fence, work can be made independently or to entrust process to professional builders. Construction materials and the tool will be necessary for you. Availability of special equipment accelerates work.


1. The metal fence can be made of different materials. At first be defined what protection is pleasant to you. If you prefer solid fences, buy professional leaf or make welded fence.

2. If the blind fence is not pleasant to you, give preference to the metal fence or grid chain-link. Very beautifully the wrought-iron fence looks, but such protection has high cost.

3. The protection from chain-link is very popular. The fence turns out durable, transparent and easy in mounting. Correctly choose diameter of cells of grid. For corrosion prevention the grid is covered with polymers or zinc. Rabitz netting, thanks to wavy structure, has special durability.

4. It is possible to use professional leaf for construction of protection. The intake of their this material turns out strong and durable. The protection from the pro-thinned-out leaf is resistant to the extreme climatic phenomena. Welded fences build with metal rolling use. Welded protections include all types of shod products.

5. Before construction of any protection make division of land. Define distance between columns, it has to be no more than three meters. Buy material for log.

6. If to speak about columns, in construction of fences screw piles are widely used. They can be established on any soil, on various reliefs, at all seasons of the year and weather. Installation does not demand big financial investments as screw piles are on sale at the affordable price. Piles can be transported from one place on another. They can sustain even heavy fences. Screw piles establish manually or by means of special equipment.

7. Also as columns it is possible to use metal pipes. Before installation to the earth they are recommended to be covered with primer. It will prevent corrosion. It is necessary to consider that than above it is going to build fence, those deeply need to drive columns. Usually depth of drilling of the soil is from one to one and a half meters. In work it is possible to use hand drill.

8. At first establish columns on corners, and then pull between them fishing line and establish other support. Fill in openings in the earth with cement slurry. It will allow to record columns strongly. Allocate several days for solution hardening.

9. At construction of fence on mobile soil it is recommended to use continuous footing. For its arrangement on perimeter of the site the trench is dug out. On bottom of trench fill pillow from sand and stack armature. It should not concern walls of trench and its bottom. For this purpose under armature it is possible to enclose pieces of bricks. Then establish timbering and fill in concrete solution.

10. After installation of columns it is possible to organize logs and to do protection. Professional sheets fasten on self-tapping screws. The grid chain-link is fastened to support by means of wire. The metal fence also fastens by means of self-tapping screws.

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