How to calculate the sliding wardrobe sizes

Sliding wardrobes – irreplaceable elements of modern interior. They can be the most various and with use of absolutely different design elements of registration. In a word, correctly picked up and established sliding wardrobe can become excellent decoration of the room.

It is required to you

  • - tape measure;
  • - paper;
  • - handle;
  • - calculator.


1. Decide on the location of future sliding wardrobe. Often, and especially in small rooms, the sizes of sliding wardrobe depend on what for this furniture accessory can be allocated the place.

2. After decide on the location of sliding wardrobe, pick up tape measure and measure height of future cabinet (as a rule, many prefer to establish houses sliding wardrobe by height to ceiling), its lengths and also depth. The minimum recommended depth is 600 millimeters: about 100 mm will leave on sliding system, and other 500 mm will allow to find room for hangers with clothes. Write down all data obtained as a result of measurement.

3. Pass to specification of the sizes of sliding wardrobe. Remember that in fact it consists from cabinet box with set of shelves and sliding doors. When performing calculation at once reduce cabinet height by 40 mm: will occupy equally so many adjustable legs. So, the sliding wardrobe will consist of two stoyevy (stoyevy are the vertically located racks, made of chipboard): length of these elements is equal to height of sliding wardrobe reduced by adjustable legs, and width – cabinet depth. Further determine the sizes of the upper and lower part of cabinet: these two parts will be equal among themselves (length of this element is equal to cabinet length, and width – sliding wardrobe depth). Determine the sizes of the central stoyevy: height of these constructive parts depends on the desirable height where the bar for clothes weighing will be placed. In most cases height of the central racks is equal to 1900 mm. Decide on quantity of shelves and, proceeding from it, calculate their sizes and interval between them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team