How to call experts of SES

How to call experts of SES

Territorial offices of the Sanitary and Epidemiologic Stations (SES) work in each region of the Russian Federation, at them also the Centers of hygiene and epidemiology function. These are government institutions to which duties the service and control over respect for sanitary standards, both at the enterprises, and in life belongs.

On what questions it is possible to address in SES

Functions of Sanitary and epidemiologic stations are quite various, the experts working for them check as far as activity of various objects, the work environment working for them conforms to health requirements and norms. But also citizens can ask in SES the questions connected with sanitary and epidemiologic situation in the region or violation of sanitary standards. Enters competence of these bodies:

- control over condition of various municipal objects;

- control over ecology and environment; - check of sanitary state in child care facilities (kindergartens, schools, summer camps and so forth);

- control over safety of food (outlets, public catering institutions and so forth); - check of safety of water supply for the population; - actions for disinsection and deratization, - disinfection of apartments and the organizations, disinfection of residential and uninhabited buildings.

How to address in SES

Phone of hotline of Rospotrebnadzor: 8-800-100-00-04, you can consult and recognize phones of territorial authorities of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate by it. On the website of this federal service there is map of the country on which it is possible to choose that region where you are and to learn the address of the website of regional office of "The center of hygiene and epidemiology" on which there are all addresses and phones of territorial branches.

If you had had claims on the listed above questions, you can directly address in SES on your area or to the nearest office of Rospotrebnadzor which division are sanitary and epidemiologic stations. Previously consult with the operator on that question who interests you and, if necessary, order call of experts of SES on the house. It will need to be made, for example, for check of parameters of the environment near your house or even in the apartment – measurement of noise level or parameters of radiation background and also if you want to get rid of cockroaches, domestic ants, rats and mice. On your call within two weeks has to there will be health inspector who on the place will get acquainted with situation and will write out to you the receipt. Depending on it, it is necessary to pay certain sum for call. When it is necessary to take emergency measures, terms of visit of the health inspector will be reduced, but by call of the expert it is necessary to specify that question urgent.

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