How to carry out cleaning in the apartment

How to carry out cleaning in the apartment

Cleaning in the apartment, perhaps, not the most pleasant occupation for hosts. However, if to ignore it day after day, then already clear-out of all house is required eventually. Specialists in housekeeping advise owners to find for cleaning of the room time once every day, as a last resort, in two days and to spend on this process at least of time. There are small secrets for carrying out high-quality effective and fast house cleaning.


1. You direct purity in the house with good mood. Think of what you clean at such moment not only the room, but also the soul. It is possible to lighten itself the mood inclusion of good vigorous music.

2. At first be engaged in unfolding of things, their installation into place where they have to lie, stand. It concerns not only clothes, footwear and household devices, but also ware in kitchen.

3. In kitchen wash dishes in sink, wipe the polluted places with damp fabric from microfiber (the fridge, kitchen table, table-top, plate and other). In the bathroom take care of condition of toilet bowl, bathtub or shower cabin, tile on walls, the washing machine.

4. In rooms wipe dust with damp rag everywhere where only it can lie, do not forget about windowsills. Clean varnish surface of furniture with polishes and dry rag. Process upholstered furniture chemical household means if on them there is no allergy, or it can just be vacuumed.

5. See whether not dirty you have windows? If this is so – wipe them with rag and the special window wiper which resists to stains on glass. Clean the computer, the keyboard with the cotton wool, the wetted in hydrogen peroxide.

6. Process the vacuum cleaner all carpets in the house. They can walk instead of broom and on floor covering that at damp cleaning mop you had less garbage underfoot.

7. The next final stage of cleaning of the apartment – mopping. Fill bucket for mop with warm water, add to it a little cleaning agent for mopping. It is also possible to add for refreshing of air in rooms several drops of essential oil (orange, lavender, jasmine, rose, lemon). Moisten mop in solution as often as possible and wipe with it all floors in the house. If water has become soiled considerably in the course of cleaning, pour out it and pour fresh.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team