How to cause gloss it is correct

How to cause gloss it is correct

Gentle pleasant lip gloss of various color shades helps to emphasize beauty of female smile. Well caused gloss protects their gentle skin from adverse effects. Besides, with its help it is possible to correct small shortcomings.

It is required to you

  • cosmetic brush for causing lipstick/gloss, gloss


  1. Apply on lips only gloss. This way will softly emphasize natural beauty of lips. Gloss will not weight them, and will create cumulative effect of easy natural make-up. Begin with the middle of lower lip. Do not take too much gloss on special brush that it did not spread through contours of lips. Repeat this procedure during the day better. Accurately shade brush gloss, without going beyond contour. In the same way impose gloss on upper lip. Connect lips, make the easy promakivayushchy movement.
  2. Apply lip gloss on lipstick to give them volume. Use special pencil, lipstick and gloss of light shades. At first trace contour of lips pencil. That the line of contour has turned out thin and equal, lips need to be relaxed. The tone of pencil has to be slightly more dark than tone of lipstick. Apply with even layer by means of brush lipstick, having blotted its surplus with napkin. From above cause gloss. Remember that the amount of lipstick and gloss has to be such that you did not feel them on lips.
  3. Apply gloss only on the central part of lips. Then you will achieve effect of shine. At the same time it is necessary to use lipstick, and if desired and planimetric pencil. Visually to narrow lips, do not use gloss in general. Here the foundation applied with thin layer on lips, planimetric pencil and lipstick with smooth opaque texture will come to the rescue. Trace contour of lips, having a little receded from the natural line inside. Apply with brush lipstick.
  4. Carefully you approach the choice of lip gloss. On sale gloss which very strongly differs both in texture, and in the structure are provided. If you prefer to use both planimetric pencil, and lipstick, then it is important to pick up them so that they were combined among themselves on color and on structure. Oils and the vegetable components which are their part have to be combined that will exclude unpleasant feelings on lips, possible allergy and also will protect your lips from external adverse effects.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team