How to check whether there is brownie

How to check whether there is brownie

The brownie is spirit of the house, it can appear where for a long time there live people. How to check whether we have brownie in the apartment how this essence to attract, cajole and what addictions the brownie has?


1. Strong indication of the fact that the brownie has lodged in your housing is that you hear steps, unclear origin, sounds in kitchen, various knocks, strange noise at night, and you know for sure that members of your family cannot be their sources. That the brownie in your dwelling had feeling of comfort, and it fed favor for owners, he should be cajoled.

2. The brownie living in the apartment of the multi-storey building does not differ at all from the brownie who lives in the house of the private sector therefore he adores treats with milk and honey and also various sweets. Before treating the brownie, it is necessary to find its "permanent residence". It is not difficult to find "permanent residence". He loves warmly and obviously hides near plate.

3. Pour to the brownie in saucer fresh tag, and near saucer with honey put glass of milk. If the milk put for the brownie very interests cat – there is nothing in it terrible, just house in apartments, as well as in owner-occupied dwellings, is often installed in this animal. And in general cat the brownie treats very friendly, as very sensitive and even mystical beings who preserve the house against misfortunes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team