How to choose chair

How to choose chair

All like to relax in cozy and convenient chair. Perhaps, it is more pleasant to spend time in chair even, than on sofa which, despite all the convenience, is designed for several people. The chair intends only for you. It is worth choosing this attribute of furniture very attentively.

The chair not so simply as it seems is correct to choose characteristics. To find furniture which will suit you it is necessary to consider set of characteristics.

  • Pay attention to seat depth, corner of its inclination and also back tilt angle.
  • It is necessary to consider also rigidity of back and seat.
  • Consider that body weight has to be distributed evenly on the area of back and seat.
  • Do not forget to check shrinkage of chair when sitting.
  • Important factor is height of chair and its back.
  • Not the last role is played also by exterior of chair which has to fit into interior harmoniously. For this purpose it is necessary to choose the piece of furniture executed in suitable style and color.
  • Choosing chair, it is necessary to consider its sizes and form and also upholstery material.

Of course, first of all, it is worth being guided by own preferences and material resources. Besides, the chair has to be combined with other furniture in your house.

As it is correct to choose chair: recommendations

First of all pay attention to elasticity of chair. If the seat seems to you cozy and soft when you have only fallen by it, but in process of increase in loading you feel the increasing elasticity - it is very successful chair. By the way, the chair which back is more elastic, than seat is considered the most convenient option. When choosing chair surely learn from the seller what material is used as filler. Correctly to choose chair, it is necessary to pay special attention to spring mechanism which is responsible for elastic effect. Will depend on its quality, the chair how fast will sink. It should be noted that really qualitative products do not lose elastic effect many years. Pay attention and to chair upholstery, more precisely, to its resistance to pollution. Find out what means can be used when cleaning. If you have allergy to dust, it is the best of all to choose model with upholstery from leather or leatherette.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team