How to choose chair-bed

How to choose chair-bed

Folding chairs - compact, comfortable and functional. This piece of furniture ideally fits into small space. On sale there are many types of transformers, it is possible to choose any color, covering and material of which they are made.


1. Pay attention to the accordion chair-bed. This reliable model, steady, does not cause difficulties when dismantling. In the spread-out look plain surface to sleep on such furniture it is comfortable.

2. Look at chair-bed which represents tubular framework with strong powder covering. Similar berths can be placed in any room. The model is equipped with wheels that facilitates cleaning and movement. Parts can be removed and washed. The size of products allows to be located even to the adult with growth more than 1.7 meters.

3. The models having metal framework with the specialized strong coating resistant to pollution are preferable to the children's room. It is easy to remove and erase covers, and the sizes are 188 cm in length and 80 cm width. High sides which will not allow the child to fall are at the edges surely located.

4. Pay attention to wear resistance of material from which covers are executed. IN ACCORDANCE WITH GOST fabric is considered qualitative if has sustained 5,000 cycles of washing more. Ask the seller whether the upholstery has undergone testing for color fastness (3000 cycles in dehydrated and humid environment). It is quite good to take an interest about availability of the certificate of quality of product. The test for "the cigarette test" allows to reveal fire resistance. Learn whether the covering is resistant to influences of bacteria, fungi and mold. On it the certificate is granted. It is important if you are subject to allergy. It is desirable to clean chair easily and quickly therefore it is good if the upholstery is removed and is easily put on back.

5. Sort chair-bed. This process should not cause any difficulties. Besides, in the majority of models there is box for linen which is closed by plywood cover, but can be disguised by part from other material. Deepening is rather big, contains pillow.

6. Decide what coloring of chair-bed you want to get. On sale the wide range is provided, upon purchase you can order additional covers of the same shade at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team