How to choose dresser

How to choose dresser

It is difficult to imagine the house at least without one dresser. The classical dresser is extremely convenient type of furniture which gives the chance significantly to save space. It can be put both in the bedroom, and in kitchen, and in the living room. The modern design turns it into beautiful and effective subject of any interior.


1. Choosing dresser, you have to mean that this not only usual product with given sizes. Developers offer various options of dressers on height, width and depth and also options on their rearrangement. It gives the chance to fit organically to dresser into any interior. The dresser, unlike cabinet, is much more compact therefore the room is not encumbered. Dresser volume, thanks to drawers, is used completely. Dressers of various models will perfectly fit into any apartment. The standard hall will be decorated by high and narrow dressers. The low extended models in sitting room will create additional horizontal. The dresser in the nursery will accustom the child to order. And in kitchen even if there is already excellent complete kitchen, here it will become the chief assistant.

2. Adhere to the following requirements. The dresser has to be reliable, convenient and capacious, fit into interior, taking at the same time very few place. The excess shyness when choosing dresser should be rejected and just to check reliability of work elements. Boxes have to move forward easily, without being displaced in the directing fastenings. Up to the end put forward box surely in fastenings has to be limited to emphasis which will not give the chance to it to drop out on your legs. Rather convenient and safe at the same time has to be the box handle. On it there should not be sticking-out elements of decor and too sharp angles. Otherwise, if you regularly cling to this handle, it is possible and to be injured.

3. You can also pay attention to material from which dressers are produced. There are no restrictions here. Classical maple, cherry and nut, are complemented with the models made of metals, glass, stone, skin and even jewelry. Also there are dressers made of alloy of carbonade and aluminum. Any limits of imagination are overstepped by experiments of designers concerning dresser coloring. Dressers chameleons are popular – at change of visual angle they change the color. Try to obtain it, however, not by means of flowers of wood, and by means of different combinations of varnishes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team