How to choose dresser from the massif

How to choose dresser from the massif

For the first time the dresser became piece of furniture in France in the seventeenth century. Then furniture makers have guessed to put normal chest on legs and to supply it with sliding boxes. To this day the dresser from solid wood remains very significant for creation of cosiness indoors.

Dressers from the wooden massif differ not only refined look, but also special practicality. Such furniture will perfectly fit into interior of office, the living room, bedroom or hall. And thanks to original design, the dresser from the massif will give to the house esthetic completeness. Unlike furniture from artificial materials, the dresser from the massif has the mass of advantages. The wooden furniture is strong and durable and also very beautiful. Even in many years such massif will keep the color and will not get out of initial shape.

The choice of dresser depending on finishing

If you want the dresser to have decorated your interior, when choosing pay attention to finishing. Some will prefer one-color models without thread or with thread. And others will like wooden dressers with exquisite finish of golden findings or silver more. Such method of finishing of accessories as patinating is also widely known. The interior will become really magnificent and stylish if you choose such dresser.

To introduce in interior of the room of a little antiquarian beauty it is necessary to choose the dresser painted under "the bleached oak". Selection of various color shades is possible. Also in the course of the choice it is better to give preference to dressers with finishing by quality paints and varnishes. Such furniture differs in resistance to damages and scratches. Surface of dressers, lacquered, usually very smooth and nice on the touch. Yes such dressers much more esthetically than not varnished look.

Special design of dresser

Dressers from the wooden massif differ also on design. Models can have the different sizes, the form and quantity of boxes. Here each potential consumer has to decide on the most convenient option for the room. It is already difficult to surprise someone with changing table with a chest of drawers. It can be on sale with furniture in set or separately. Dressers are made also by individual orders. If you want the dresser to could be used as table, it is necessary to choose model with full-fledged table-top. On it it is possible to arrange vase with the flowers, some elements of decor, favourite photos in frames. It turns out that the dresser can reckon with table-top as multipurpose. The dresser is chosen also depending on individual needs of each family.

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