How to choose gas boiler for the house

How to choose gas boiler for the house

Houses, many at construction, ask question of heating. Today we will tell gas boilers and we will give several types of gas heat exchangers. What technical characteristics does the gas boiler have to have?

It is worth approaching the choice of boiler seriously, will depend on it, how warmly and it will be cozy to you. Actually models there is large number, and they differ on the performance, technical characteristics and parameters of operation.

Gas boilers differ in the following parameters:

  • The used fuel: propane with butane and natural gas;
  • Location: wall and floor
  • Way of kindling - electric or working at piezoelements
  • Performance - two-step and one-stage

Floor boilers enjoy wide popularity. Let's tell about their characteristics. Floor groups of companies can heat various types of buildings with different area. Boilers are convenient for use, do not depend on electricity, they have small resistance, good technical characteristics.

Gas heat exchangers are very easy in use. In most cases they are manufactured of cast iron. Cast iron has good properties of isolation. Blowpipes can mix gas and also they are fire-resistant. Water circulation passes independently that in turn gives promising efficiency.

Gas floor boilers have to be well protected, protection as will affect equipment heat emission. Gas boilers can be single-circuit or double-circuit, their characteristics will depend on that what type boiler: Efficiency of gas boiler, water flow, fuel, power, the combustion chamber, ability of heating of water, amount of the used gas, the area of heating.

Let's tell a little and about wall gas boilers, they have small priority in front of floor boilers. In the body of boiler there is everything that is necessary for heat in the house. Wall boilers are suitable for small rooms, at them various design more, such boilers will approach any interior. Characteristics do not differ from floor boilers, the difference of water temperature, diameter of flue is only still added.

The set of the companies making gas boilers can offer you set of various models of boilers, also provide all necessary information for its operation. You approach very attentively equipment selection.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team