How to choose good bulbs of gladioluses

How to choose good bulbs of gladioluses

For various reasons amateur flower growers often should buy planting stock including bulbs of gladioluses. And, as practice shows, choose them "not skillfully", namely - eyes that bulbs were large, hoping, as flowers will be big. It is mistake.


1. To choose good bulb, it is necessary to pay first of all attention to its form and the size. It is the best of all to buy juvenile bulbs which are grown up from children. It is easy to determine them by form of truffle candy. They quite high also have well developed one flower kidney. At such bulbs - long life. Collum they have very small.

2. It is possible to choose the blossoming bulbs. They rather high also have not one, and several flower kidneys. From kidneys 2-3 stalks blossom in the summer. It is the same juvenile bulb, but at the age of 2-3 years. Collum at such bulbs average by the size.

3. Bulbous tubers are more senior than 5 years are considered as old. The exception is made by some grades at which bulbs keep viability and more than 5 years. Old bulbs have the large size, very flat form and large collum, more than 2-2.5 cm in the diameter. Such planting stock often perishes after disembarkation in soil, gives inflorescences of poor quality, blossoms with smaller quantity of buds, late blossoms, is ill, is damaged by wreckers.

4. Upon purchase pay attention to scales which cover bulb. They have to be brilliant, golden-yellow or reddish, but not dim and not gray. Scales at healthy bulb well and completely are removed. In places of attachment of scale to bulb fabric has to be one color, without dark strips and spots.

5. On qualitative bulbous tuber there should not be damages, defects, sores. The collum has to be clean, with the outlined white backs, not gray and not turned black.

6. The bulb stalk (place of cut of stalk) has to have "stump" in color of scales. The turned black "stump" having fibrous structure - sign of unhealthy bulb.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team