How to choose houseplants for kitchen

How to choose houseplants for kitchen

Whatever one may do, and in kitchen we spend much more time, than in other rooms. Therefore it is desirable that this place was always cozy, comfortable, multipurpose. It is possible to improve it, for example, houseplants.

What should be known

Kitchen – the place where window plants feel not worse, than in other rooms. Steam (the increased humidity), warmly or other phenomena inherent to this place can cause concern. But it is not necessary to be afraid of it. On the contrary, it promotes their good growth. Ornamental plants love similar conditions – humidity, heat.But at everything at the same time it is necessary to follow the rules which will help to decorate kitchen with flowers and to create conditions, favorable for them.

  • Before getting flower, decide on the sizes. If quadrature of kitchen big, then it is possible to get volume pots with flowers, for example, small tree or bush. At the small area choose flowers of the corresponding size. They should not prevent you to do things in kitchen. 
  • It is not necessary to put pots close to sink and the furnace. It is impossible to assume that on them fat, soapsuds, etc. got.
  • Flowers it is better to choose those which are unpretentious to surrounding situation. They should not be afraid of drafts which often happen in kitchen, temperature drops and humidity.
  • It is good if they blossom. It will be pleasing to the eye and to lighten the mood. It is possible to experiment, of course, with the choice of plant. But everything is better to know well about that flower which you want to put on the chosen place.

What flowers will approach

Comfortably such flowers as aloe, ficus, anturium, krassul feel in kitchen. They are not so whimsical. They can be bought safely for this place. It is not necessary to buy plants at the high price. As a rule, they are more whimsical, require special care and attention. Most likely, they will not be suitable to live in kitchen.

Very effectively such flower as cyclamen looks. It can be put even on dining table. This plant will please surrounding with the unusual leaves and beautiful flowers.On the place and good ornament there will be small fruit plants. It is possible to carry citrus trees (orange, lemon), coffee tree, decorative pepper which types large number to them.

And if, besides, the plant has the aroma, then it is optional to buy fragrances on chemical basis. They well look in suspended cachepots.

If kitchen absolutely small, and there is a wish to decorate it all the same, then it is possible to place in it small desktop or wall compositions. Green aquariums or florariums can become such option. In them it is possible to arrange, for example, forest moss or other not less beautiful ornamental plants.

The kitchen is quite worthy place in order that to improve it window plants where they perfectly would feel and pleased the owners.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team