How to choose lamp

How to choose lamp

For certain most of us especially does not bother with the choice of desk or floor lamp. We just come to shop and we buy the nice and especially not burdening the budget lamp most in our opinion. It is the wrong approach. It is necessary to think over the style of lamp suitable to registration of your room, lamp form, its power, the size and functionality. Get acquainted with councils which will help you to make right choice.


1. For purely decorative role the lamp can be taken any sizes. But if it is necessary to you for reading, at first make sure of its sufficient sizes for illumination of necessary space. On height of lamp can be different. The most functional option for the house and office – desk lamp with the adjustable height and corner of arrangement. If it is supposed to establish floor lamp at sofa or chair, it is necessary to choose its height so that the bottom of the lamp shade was at the level of eyes of the person sitting on sofa or in chair. So light will not blind eye.

2. If you accurately know where you will put the new lamp, pay attention to proportions. For small round table it is not necessary to buy huge lamp. To the contrary, if at you the big table, too small desk lamp on it will look unsuccessfully.

3. Pick up lamp and check, the basis is how heavy at it. Too easy basis can become the reason of falling of lamp at your unsuccessful movement, even the slightest. And ease of the basis depends on the lamp price. The it is more expensive, the and the basis is easier.

4. Power is the very important parameter of any lamp, and especially that which is going to be applied to reading. Optimum power of lamp for such needs – not less than 100 W. And as many of desk lamps work with bulbs of 60 W, it will be better to choose such lamp in which it is allowed to use the bulbs various on power. This parameter has to fluctuate between 50 and 150 W. As an alternative it is possible to get lamp with several cartridges included on one or together.

5. Even the most powerful and expensive lamp badly will look indoors if it well does not correspond to its interior at all. Therefore solve at once in what style your future lamp will be executed. Material of lamp should be selected so that it was in harmony with material of that piece of furniture on which the lamp will stand.

6. In the trading floor of shop the full range of products is not always exposed therefore study at first the catalog. And if you select to yourself lamp in salon, the choice will be richer here. However you, most likely, should wait until your order is not got from warehouse to you home.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team