How to choose lawn grass

How to choose lawn grass

If you independently want to plant trees and shrubs in the site and to sow lawn, then it is very important to choose grass correctly. When choosing it is necessary to consider environmental conditions, arrangement of solar and shadow zones, condition of the soil. Besides, it is necessary to be defined how watering and fertilizing of lawns will be carried out and for what purpose they are created – decorative lawn, just green lawn or the field for games.


1. Producers consider assignment of lawn and for each case offer the versions seeds. On their packings obligatory will the structure and percentage of seeds of different herbs and sometimes assignment of grass covering which you are given are specified, having used this structure.

2. For creation of decorative lawn by the most suitable there will be structure from seeds of meadow grass meadow and fescues red. It is long-term local cereal with the most various number of colourings from light to bright green. That the fescue has perfectly transferred hairstyle, it is necessary to cut off no more than 2.5-3 cm. It is resistant to diseases and does not change the color even in droughty weather and well transfers winter cold weather, without requiring additional care. There is no cereal for areas with unstable ecological conditions better.

3. Meadow grass meadow - low long-term kornevishchno-bush cereal. Perfectly takes root in fertile soils in the conditions of average humidity. To it big temperature drops are not terrible therefore it easily transfers the most severe winters. The meadow grass meadow distinguishes the durable, dense and quality saturated herbage resistant to trampling. If to use it for sports and game lawns, then the percent of maintenance of its seeds in mix should not be less than 40.

4. For meadow and parterre lawns the fast-growing ryegrass long-term is used. It transfers bevelling well, but is very sensitive to cold weather and trampling, in the shaded places grows badly. It is better if as a part of herbal blend it is no more than 20-25%. Together with it for creation of meadow lawn use fescue sheep, it grows slowly, but is resistant to drought, is not trodden and is durable.

5. If you have decided to create lawn for rest, then the polevitsa thin and polevitsa pobegonosny will be irreplaceable grass for this purpose. This cereal demands fertile soils and abundant watering, but is resistant to cold weather. Besides, it grows very slowly, it is resistant to bevelling and does not demand a lot of sun. Herbage at it soft and gentle on which it is pleasant to walk bare feet, besides, it has beautiful decorative view.

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