How to choose material for kitchen

How to choose material for kitchen

The kitchen where everything is fried, cooks, takes a steam bath, is concerned, sizzles, "runs away", falls, spills, - very harmful place just for decoration. Therefore it is important to choose rather strong and at the same time externally attractive material for home decoration of this room.


1. The basis of kitchen furniture is formed by framework. Most of producers does it of chipboard. In it there is nothing bad, modern plates are not similar to shapeless from moisture old chipboards at all. They are processed by the good means interfering moisture penetration. Such material is heavier normal and has big density.

2. Facades of kitchen furniture make of various materials. Knowing merits and demerits of each of them, it is easier to choose set which will suit you. The interline interval of all types – natural, synthetic and polymeric enjoys wide popularity (laminate and melamine).

3. When use natural wood, it cut in thin layer and paste to basis. The synthetic interline interval imitates not only tree, but also other natural materials. Apply protective film which replaces varnish on it.

4. Cover with melamine fibreboard or chipboard when heavy mechanical loads are not expected. Laminate much thicker and is more durable, cover with this material even table-tops.

5. MDF is considered more suitable for kitchen furniture, than chipboard. This material dense is also not subject to deformation. Successfully and what by production of plate from MDF can be bent, giving them the rounded pleasant shapes. But prepare that the kitchen made of MDF will be to you more expensive for fifteen percent.

6. Of course, natural solid wood is even more expensive. But before purchase learn of what wood the set is made. Only framework of doors can be made of the massif, and lets laminate under tree or interline interval to panels.

7. If doors are completely wooden, they will be too sensitive to the increased humidity and temperature. Furniture from the massif will undergo very expensive procedure of impregnation by antiseptics and special varnish.

8. Good stuff for kitchen furniture is the multiplex. These are the thin layers of wood of different breeds glued in all directions. Thus resistance to moisture penetration and deformation is reached.

9. Kitchens from metal are very popular recently. Doors of lockers do of aluminum with the anodized covering. But such furniture costs rather much though looks very stylish and effectively. Do of high-strength glass regiments and doors. Furniture glass maintains both the considerable weight, and even blows.

10. Except these materials use natural, artificial and synthetic stones for table-tops. Facets very much iznosoustoychiv and it is strong, is not susceptible to food acid. Marble and travertine of zharoustoychiva, but their honeycomb absorbs spots.

11. Crystallite, korian, varikor and others are synthetic stones. They do not concede to natural analogs, and very often and exceed them. More than others it is popular korian – material on the basis of acrylic resin, pigment and mineral filler. It is non-toxic and possesses good zharo- and wear resistance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team