How to choose packing

How to choose packing

To choose suitable gift for holiday, for example, to New Year – it means to solve problem half. At the moment there are several rules of etiquette which define processes of delivery of gifts. It is necessary to remember all points of etiquette.

1. For a start well examine the gift acquired in the market or in shop. It becomes in order that after purchase some defects were not found. It is necessary to remove the price tag from gift. Exception in this question are only technical devices on which the guarantee for free replacement and repair is provided. All documentation needs to be placed in beautiful envelope which then returns to signature box.

2. After that it is possible to pass to the choice of beautiful packing. Color, texture and other features of packaging material completely depend on occasion on what the present is given. Also special attention needs to be paid to age of the person which will be given present. Men's souvenirs, such as Parker handles, usually wrap foil or paper which has the Scottish drawing. It is also possible to use monophonic version of the paper of dark shades.

3. The romantic gift for girls and women can be decorated with buttonholes, color tapes or small flower compositions - ruches and bows. They can be got in large shops. Consider - packing should not be overloaded with excess accessories. It should be noted that now there are also other alternative options of packing: beautiful cord in combination with paper, holographic images on foil, tissue crepe paper, special fabric.

4. It is the best of all to put card to gift which will be wrapped in beautiful packing. It can be got in shop or to make independently. Even if on it there is already ready congratulation, it is recommended to add couple of warm words from itself. Do not forget to sign card. Gifts which are intended for kids need to be enveloped in beautiful paper. On it angels, toys, heroes of animated films, flowers can be represented.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team