How to choose qualitative metal section for gypsum cardboard

How to choose qualitative metal section for gypsum cardboard

Galvanized metal section for gypsum cardboard is the most modern construction material which is actively used in the course of repair. However, not all its versions have identical indicators of reliability.

Features of qualitative metal section for gypsum cardboard

To distinguish qualitative metal section from short-lived, it is necessary to learn some features of the first. So, process of production of qualitative metal section has certain nuances. Only in the course of galvanization it is possible to receive framework for gypsum cardboard which is not subject to corrosion at all. But for this purpose zinc content in its top layers has to be nearly hundred percent. If this indicator is far from specified, such metalprofile will not be able to be considered as rather qualitative. Metal section of poor quality will be exposed to corrosion in the damp room and to be deformed considerably under pressure. It is not excluded also that there will be subsequent its collapse.

It is necessary to consider that some producers very often try to hide galvanization by the low-quality painting structure. By the way, metal section for gypsum cardboard which is coated is extremely inconvenient in the course of mounting. Top layers of paint begin to separate and create excess garbage inevitably.

What has to be metalprofile thickness for gypsum cardboard?

When choosing ceiling profile for gypsum cardboard it is necessary to know its thickness. If to follow the established standards, thickness of metal section should not exceed 0.5 - 0.6 millimeters. Metal of such thickness will be the most reliable. As for thinner types, they assume carrying out additional works. For certain it is necessary to strengthen racks. Sometimes producers resort to such cunnings as perforation of surface of metal section. It it is necessary to hide its real thickness. In that case, material will be much more difficult to be measured and evaluated. And for use it will become almost unsuitable. If you want to choose really reliable metal section for gypsum cardboard, it is necessary to consider several its versions in shop. Try to get rigid profile with smooth surface and longitudinal edges of durability. The surface of qualitative metalprofile surely has to shine on light. And here low-quality material will always be very dim. Respectively at its production the rules of galvanization were not followed.

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