How to choose source of artificial light

How to choose source of artificial light

At registration of premises it is worth paying due attention to quality of lighting and the choice of lighting equipment – without it it is impossible to create cosiness and the comfortable atmosphere in the house.

How to choose the lamp

Correctly picked up, successfully located lamps will emphasize interior advantages, and it is possible to place right emphasis by means of stylish chandelier, design floor lamps and graceful sconces. Depending on features of premises, its assignment, style and height of ceilings the approach to the choice of lighting equipment has to be miscellaneous. The main rule – their style and color gamma have to be combined with other home decoration.

Problem of low ceilings

At registration of the living room the choice of chandelier is especially important as on this room there is impression of guests about tastes of owners. In this case it is necessary to take height of ceilings as basis. With room height of 3-4 m it is possible to use any size and type of chandelier, and at low it is better to use the lamp without long leg and excessive decorative elements to hide this shortcoming. Light in that case has to be directed up that will visually increase floor-to-ceiling height. In addition it is possible to use dot surface mounted luminaires on room perimeter that will improve illumination and the ceiling will visually lift.

Wall and floor lamps

To add and successfully it is possible to emphasize beautiful elements of decor by means of wall lamps – sconce. As well as chandeliers, they can be executed in various style decisions, emitters of light can them can be sent up, down or to the parties, depending on the purpose with which these lamps are used. Floor lamps – floor lamps are also very popular. They radiate the scattered soft light, create the cozy atmosphere. Can be element of living room, bedroom or corner of rest in office. If necessary the desk lamp is required to have source of bright directional light. In the bedroom or on work table not to do without this lighting instrument. Depending on use purpose, desk lamps can radiate scattered or directional light, perform function of night lamp. The main rule at their choice – functionality, is important also how the lamp will fit into interior.

Lamp type in the lamp

Choosing lighting instrument, it is worth to remember about type of lamps which have to be used in them. As source of artificial light glow lamps, halogen, gas, luminescence, LED and sodium lamps can be used. Traditional glow lamps are most popular, but in modern lighting equipment other, more perfect and economic luminous sources are more often used: halogen, LED and fluorescent lamps. Despite higher cost, in comparison with glow lamps, they are much safer in operation, and their use – economically justified. One more indicator – light type. Depending on type of the room can lamps of cold and warm light are used. The first create the business atmosphere therefore they are more demanded in public organizations and offices, warm light is more preferable to creation of warm home atmosphere.

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