How to choose tape power-saw bench

How to choose tape power-saw bench

When choosing tape power-saw bench it is worth paying attention to material of which its constituent parts, the engine capacity and cutting speed of saw are made. Also the type of knot of tension is of great importance.


1. The tape power-saw bench is the device of saw having appearance of the tape closed in ring. Thanks to such design it is possible to carry out exact straight lines and figured pro-saws. And how to choose tape power-saw bench?

2. It is necessary to tell that this tool can be vertical, horizontal and inclined. In terms of power saving, it is the most reasonable to choose horizontal modification. Pay attention to material of which load-carrying structures are made: the bed, railway lines and pulleys have to be steel. It is better if the knot of tension of saw is hydraulic, but not screw as the first differs in bigger endurance. As for knot of rise, it is better to choose power-saw bench with the chain elevator – it has more than the margin of safety.

3. Upon purchase learn whether the device has warranty period, whether it is possible to carry out balancing and commissioning, and what maintainability of the machine. That you had not to look for at breakage spare parts through the whole country, choose the unit which the standard and inexpensive parts chosen from the range of auto parts will approach. You should not buy unpretentious and inexpensive option to learn, better to take the equipment equipped with the electric motor with power not less than 11 kW and rotational speed of 1500 RPM at once. Such power-saw bench will sustain differences of voltage more than 15% and will continue work with maximum capacity.

4. If you are going to saw logs with a diameter of 1000-1200 mm, buy the unit with the electric motor of 15 kW. Cutting speed has to reach 30-37 m/s. It is desirable that the saw has been unrolled in relation to log axis – it will provide smooth calling log and will increase stability of saw in pro-saw. Attentively examine stabilizers of tape power-saw bench. The basis of the mobile stabilizer has to be rigid – it will allow edge to move easily in the horizontal direction.

5. Check knots of cleaning of saw pulleys and make sure of reliability of their protection: any scraper, scratching their outer surface should not be. If the power-saw bench has control board, it is better if it is stationary. It minimizes your work and will increase safety. Mechanical giving is more preferable rope as considerably increases device efficiency. If you have stopped the choice on the difficult electronic device, trace that the power-saw bench could work also at failure of electronics.

6. If you are under strained circumstances, choose model which in consequence can be understaffed, for example, with hydraulics and automatic giving. Upon purchase demand the certificate – it will insure you in case of violations of requirements to safety of design.

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