How to choose the floor fan

How to choose the floor fan

Floor models of fans are intended for work in big rooms as have high performance and calculated on significant areas of blowing. The choice of the floor fan is caused by volumes of the room and functionality of model.


1. Choose the size of blades. The more there will be blades and propeller diameter, the quicker the device will cool air. Two models with identical capacities and the different size of blades, will work with different performance – intensity of air stream more at large blades.

2. Decide on fan power. Power and fan delivery are selected depending on the area of the room. Standard types have power within 40-60 W, but for premises of basic difference it has no as they will blow in rooms with identical efficiency. If you want air flow to reach the most remote corners of the room, then choose the fan with the highest power.

3. Pay attention to noise level. The maximum allowed noise level for household fans – no more than 30 dB. If the room sleeping or children's, then indicator decreases to 25-28 dB.

4. Protection availability. The special grid which is not giving the chance accidentally to touch the rotating blades, has to be present surely. The wire mesh guard has to be strong and easy.

5. Estimate stability and functionality of model. Fans about possibility of adjustment of height are convenient in use – it is possible to establish necessary situation depending on that, the person sits or costs. The fan support (in the form of tripod or two crossed blocks) has to be steady and have ability to hold design even at heavy contact. If at the floor fan the autoturn function is provided, then it increases efficiency of its use – thanks to the fact that the current of air is not sent continuously to the same point, operation of the device does not bring discomfort.

6. Consider advantages of model. Fans with the remote control, availability of several operating modes and the timer it is much more convenient in operation, than the simplified models. The modes can be changed by means of the remote controller, it is relevant if the fan works and at night, and opportunity to program working hours of the device will allow to enjoy cool as soon as you cross house threshold.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team