How to choose the pump for heating of the house

How to choose the pump for heating of the house

The pump of heating is intended for work within heating contour. Moving heat with assigned speed, the pump provides circulation and delivery of heated air to all sites of rooms and rooms.

Need of installation of the pump is relevant in case of heating of large rooms  over 100 sq.m. The question of the choice of the suitable pump is important also for owners of the country real estate, and for owners of the isolated heating services in apartments.

Advantages of right choice

If the pump for heating is picked up correctly, it is available such essential results as:

  • economy on electricity consumption; 
  • the minimum level of noise in the pipeline;
  • effective heat emission of system.

  We will tell about features of the choice of the pump and important points which should be considered further.

Main types of pumps

As a rule, consumers choose from two categories of pumps:

  • dry type — the rotor of such pump is hermetically separated from pipe space, works extremely effectively, but publishes considerable noise;
  • wet type — the rotor contacts to water, does not publish big noise, and the pump is convenient under repair, however does not differ in high efficiency.

"Dry" units are subdivided on way of fastening into horizontal, vertical and block. "Wet" pumps are carried out by producers in the form of modules.

Main characteristics of the equipment

The equipment can continuously work, or join in the mode of settings of the timer. Models of pumps of any type have such essential characteristics as:

  • water flow;
  • pressure;
  • engine capacity.

In order that rates of heating were high, but at the same time running costs did not increase, it is necessary to make the minimum calculations.

What calculations need to be executed 

Studying catalogs of shops, be ready to call:

  • heat volume sufficient for full heating of all rooms during the coldest season;
  • features of thermal insulation of the room;
  • characteristics and material of window frames.

 The street climate remains the important parameter influencing the choice. Also when choosing the unit it is necessary to consider the extent of the pipeline and quantity of shutoff valves — than it is higher, that the pressure created by the pump will decrease more considerably.

Calculation of volume of heat

To calculate heat volume, it is necessary to proceed from the standards taken into account by local community services. So, according to acting Construction Norms and Regulations, heating of low-rise building requires 173 W of heat energy on 1  sq.m.; multifamily house — about 100 W/sq.m. The corresponding digit needs to be increased by the area of housing.

The first start of the pump

Before operation of the equipment perform simple operations:

  • remove from pipes stagnant air by means of special valves (this procedure will help to avoid considerable noise during the operation of the pump);
  • the first inclusion lasts about 5-7 minutes then evaluate noise level and if necessary repeatedly remove excess air;
  • make manual or automatic additional tuning of the pump.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team