How to collect shower cabin

How to collect shower cabin

After purchase of shower cabin it is important to establish and connect it to the system of the sewerage, water supply system and electricity correctly. Some outlets offer delivery and installation of cabins as bonus for purchase. If you have got shower cabin without bonus installation and are not sure that you will cope with this task by own efforts, then it is better to invite experts in the field. Because, at the wrong mounting it is possible to flood the apartment and neighbors from below. If you consider that work can do to you, safely start it.

It is required to you

  • - collars;
  • - sealant;
  • - sewer double or T-coupler;
  • - film FUM.


1. When mounting shower cabin at first the pallet is established. It should be leveled on level by method of regulation of legs. If pallet of your cabin without legs, it is necessary to make equal cement screed in installation site, using level and to install pallet only in 15-20 days when cement completely dries out.

2. Connection of pallet to the system of the sewerage goes the next stage. It becomes through the adjustable double or the T-coupler, depending on what else at you is connected.

3. On pallet the siphon is established, the gofrotruba is connected to distributing of the sewerage. All connections are condensed by means of the film FUM. As well as in case of connection of the washing machine, the outflow pipe of shower cabin has to be higher than the level of draining in the sewerage.

4. If the cabin of angular type, follows position of joint with wall carefully to isolate by means of waterproof sealant. For shower cabins of the closed type this moment falls.

5. Walls of cabin should be fixed by means of the fastenings which are available in set. Most often as fastenings serve screws, but it in economy class cabins. In more expensive models there can be elements for fastening and collecting walls. All joints when collecting walls should be isolated waterproof sealant.

6. Establish doors of cabin on rollers which go in set.

7. Establish roof in the top grooves. If it is present at your shower cabin, fasten fixing screws and miss the mark all joints to sealants.

8. Install the separate ground outlet. Connect cabin via the plug which will transform tension.

9. Connect hoses to hot and cold water supply, having fixed them by means of collars.

10. Before beginning to use cabin, include water and make sure that connections do not proceed.

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