How to combine the hall with kitchen

How to combine the hall with kitchen

Now, when studio apartments where the living space is not divided into zones have strongly become fashionable, and represents whole, the special popularity was gained by interior in which the hall is combined with kitchen. Also this type of interior perfectly is suitable for apartments in new buildings.

It is required to you

  • - the design project approved in bodies of BTI;
  • - finishing materials;
  • - lighting equipment;
  • - furniture.


1. Carefully think over and make the interior design. If merging of the hall with kitchen requires re-planning, surely approve the new plan of the apartment in appropriate authorities of municipality – bureau of technical inventory.

2. Get all materials, necessary for finishing of walls, floor and ceiling, and also additional accessories if they are provided in the design project.

3. Differentiate cooking zone from recreation area as it is specified in the interior design.

4. Lay floor covering in both zones. For the hall and kitchen laminate will be the best option. In zone of finding of plate and washing it is recommended to put tile.

5. Issue walls finishing materials. Use paint or wall-paper of pastel tones. Select the materials various in texture visually to differentiate two zones.

6. Establish furniture on the places stated in the design project. Furniture in both zones has to be in harmony on the general stylistics. Do not encumber with furniture recreation area, leave as much as possible free space.

7. Pay special attention to lighting. Now false ceilings with the built-in lighting elements are the most effective and practical.

8. Make out windows according to the interior design. Use of various materials for the hall and kitchen is not forbidden.

9. Finish registration by various accessories, such as: pictures, panel, figurines and other decorative elements.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team