How to cut tree the chainsaw

How to cut tree the chainsaw

Today the chainsaw – one of not the just necessary, but available tools which are widely used both for preparation of firewood and at different types of landscape gardening works. To cut tree by means of the chainsaw quickly enough and simply, but it is very important that at the same time all requirements of safety measures were fulfilled.

It is required to you

  • - chainsaw;
  • - protective suit;
  • - rope with the winch.


1. Begin work with the chainsaw with check of the tool. The saw has to be fuelled by corresponding – gasoline mix with special oil in the corresponding proportion (it is specified in the instruction), the tank for lubricant of chain has to be filled also with oil for chains. The chain has to be ground and tense, it has to with some effort be turned by hand in protective glove at the switched-off engine. The opening in the tire of saw has to be cleaned from dust for normal lubricant of chain. Prepare safety glasses or guard for eyes, gloves, protective clothing.

2. Attentively examine that tree which it is necessary to cut also the place around it. Consider the tree length, its natural inclination, arrangement of possible hindrances around it – trees, cars, buildings, etc. If weather windy, then wind force has to be meant also. If the direction of wind and natural tilt angle of tree coincide with the desirable place of blockage of tree, then it is possible to start cutting without special preparation. If the direction of falling of tree needs to be changed, then additional preparation is necessary – it is necessary to create tension in trunk in the necessary party. The rope and the winch can be for this purpose used. Fix one edge of rope from step-ladder as it is possible above on trunk, other edge of rope with the winch – at the earth at distance from tree from the desirable place of falling of tree. Rotate the winch handle, creating tension in trunk.

3. Get saw, check its work and braking, and then make the first horizontal has spent on drink from that party in which the tree has to fall to 1/3 thickness of its trunk. At an angle about 45 degrees to it become the second has spent on drink for formation of wedge.

4. Make slightly higher than the first has spent on drink felling horizontal has spent on drink. Has spent on drink it should not connect to wedge, between them it is desirable to leave about 5 cm. When you feel that the tree has begun to be filled up, it is necessary to stop sawing and to slightly push it in the necessary party. At the time of falling of tree it is necessary to depart far away from stub.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team